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  3. Guess you can’t please everyone. Or anyone for that matter.

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  5. Everything's Changing.: insecure. »


    If you don’t want to read all this, fine. But please, if you do nothing else, read the last paragraph. It’ll be worth it.

    My friend who I honestly see as being 100% perfect just told me how insecure she is in everything she does. And it reminded me of how I feel most of the time. I don’t think…

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  7. I hate these nights

    I feel so alone

    I need someone to talk to that will listen and will care

    There’s no one

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    • Doctor: Are you sexually active?
    • Me: Laughs hysterically, makes pterodactyl noise, transforms into a potato and rolls out the door and away into the sunset
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  10. I’ve never felt more alone.

    So alone, in fact, that I even came to tumblr to write about it because there was no where else for me to say it. I can’t even remember the last time I went on tumblr.

    I cant go to school this week. I just can’t.

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  12. So do you guys think Bonnie will be back for the threequel?

    no, she’s not

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  14. My dream last night part 2.

    After I woke up from my last dream, I fell back asleep and had THIS dream…possibly one of the weirdest ever…

    Okay, so I don’t remember the WHOLE thing, but I remember these little details. I started to play guitar, and I was telling my family how much I loved it. Then, my mom FORCED me to get a tatoo representing guitars…but I ended up getting three. One behind my neck (I don’t remember what it says), one all the way down my back. It was the neck of a guitar, with the strings and everything, and I’m pretty sure there were real strings sown into my back…then the last one was a huge tatoo covering my butt, and it was of characters from Spongebob playing guitar. I WAS SO MAD. I didn’t want a tatoo, especially not one with Spongebob covering my butt…

    and that’s pretty much all I remember of THAT dream…awkward.

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  16. My dream last night part 1.

    Sorry I haven’t posted one of these in a while, I keep forgetting. 

    Last night, I dreampt that Josie, Tommy, Claire, and I were at the parking garage near Steel Beam Theatre, but instead of a parking garage it was a 4 story clothing store, and then there was a 9th story that no one had ever been on. So after we were done shopping for clothes, Claire goes, “Hmm, we should go on the 9th floor just to see what’s there!” So we click the 9 button, and it takes us to the roof. On the roof, there are these guys doing construction. Something was suspicious about them, but we talked to them anyways. For some reason, I could tell that they were going to kidnap us, so I SPRINT to the elevator, go to the very bottom floor to the store, and scream “CALL 911! MY FRIENDS ARE BEING KIDNAPPED!!!” The lady that was calling 911 was making it really complicated, and she typed out this huge number that didn’t make any sense. So I called 911 myself. I told them that my friends were being kidnapped on the 9th floor of some huge building near Schezhuan Restaurant and Steel Beam Theatre, then all of a sudden I see this girl from Law and Order SVU jump from the room of some random building, jump through some blue paint, and BOOM she’s in her police uniform. We go to the 9th floor, and…

    That’s all I remember.

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  18. My dream last night.

    Last night, I had a dream that I only remember the very ending to.

    We were in choir auditions with Mrs. Curtis, but instead of being in the choir room, we were in some sort of dungeon. In the dungeon was me, claire, evan, killian, and josie. 
    All I remember was claire’s audition. She sang and played Bubbly, and she was AMAZING. It’s not like she had a completely different voice, but her own voice improved SO much, it was so good!! Then, Mrs. Curtis asked her to sing again, so she sang again and this time, evan started singing along, and Mrs. Curtis goes, “No, no, that’s okay, evan.” Then, when Claire was done, we all started clapping for her.

    And that’s all I remember. 

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